community work
community work
community work
community work
community work

What is the theme of our programs

Our programs are themed on the Millenial Goals with an emphasis on the adoption of this goals to reflect the local needs of the community, the aspirations of the community and the resource capacity of this community that can be utilized to meet this needs. We have programs that are community-specific and uphold the communal nature of grassroots organizations; and national programs that seek an enabling social-political environment for the successful implementation of the former.

How can i get involved.

We have an enabling policy for organizations that are seeking program-based partnerships. Your organization can partner with us either in the capacity of a funding agency or in the capacity of a program-based implementing partnership. Our program and financial calendar runs from June and subsequently ends in June. We have a team of qualified professionals who will assist in designing the program for grassroots implementation. Click here for more information regarding program-partnership.

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