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Who we are

Who is National Council of Community based organizations?
This is the umbrella body of community based organizations that aims to fight poverty at grassroots level. It was founded in 2005 as the Kenya CBO Consortium through the assistance of the Director of social services in the ministry of culture and social services and incorporated through exemption from registration number 26025.

What we do

The council works to connect and mobilize corporate world, embassies, government, communities and individuals to support community based organizations in fighting local problems. Our motivating force is to see every member in the society live a fully engaged well deserving life through empowering community based organizations.


Our ongoing projects are:

1. Maendeleo mashinani

This project aims to mobilize funds from our partners, donors and well wishers through fundraising to support the community based organization realize their dreams. The project runs countrywide at county levels. This is our motive as soon as we launch we need and request your support to fight poverty.

2. Net fund green innovations award

This is a program which seeks to support unique initiative or idea that is promoting environmental solutions in the areas of: energy, waste management, water conservation and agribusiness.


We are the umbrella body that oversees the development of standards and the administrative capacity of community-based organizations (Self-help groups). The council was founded in 2005 as the Kenya CBO Consortium.

Governance organs


The Board of the organization is called the NGC (National Governing Council) it is chaired by the President Mr. Tom Aosa

President Mr. Tom Aosa

Other members include: Deputy Chair, the Secretary-General and deputy, the Treasurer, National Coordinator and The National Liaison Secretary. The executive Director also serves as the Secretary to the Board. However, the executive director cannot vote in a board meeting unless he is a member of the NGC. The NGC is elected in office for a maximum of 3 terms of 4 years each.


The secretariat consists of the Executive committee which is headed by an Executive Director and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organization. In the event of a shortage of funding for the Secretariat, the Governing Council may nominate some of the members to run the organization on an interim voluntary basis.


Every county has a network of organizations governed by an elected committee. NCCBO Members in the county, elect the committee every 2 years. The Committee coordinates the implementation of both national and county aspirations in the county and reports to the NGC.

Social media

We are active on face book .Our page is national council of community based organization


NCCBO is an assembly of grassroots
organizations. Currently we have 52,350
registered members nationally. Out of these,
45% are youth-led and youth-focused
self-help groups.
Our partners amongst others are:

  • Kenya Manufacturers Association
  • Independent electoral body commission (IEBC)
  • Net fund
  • Government of Kenya
  • Media houses
  • Embassies
  • Corporates
  • National Civil society congress
  • Clarion global
  • Plan international
  • National council for persons with disability
  • National human rights commission
  • Ethics and anti-corruption commission
  • National Muslim leaders forum
  • United Nations Human Settlements Programme

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