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About the council

The need for an umbrella body to oversee the development of standards and the administrative capacity of community-based organizations (Self-help groups), was identified by the 2004-2005 Social Development Report discussions at the YWCA hall in Nairobi. The umbrella body... >>> more

Main Objective of the Council

To build the capacity of grassroots organizations to enable them to become focus-based development units that are effectively implementing grassroots aspirations for self-reliance, social-economic development and poverty reduction mechanisms in line with vision 2030 and the MDGs

Mission Statement

To accelerate Community-driven development through the process of adoption of national and international social-economic development goals and to build the management, administrative and resource capacity of grassroots organizations to effectively implement this goals locally.

Vision Statement

We envision the transformation of grassroots organizations into eco-friendly wealth-creation engines that will propel the rural and urban-slums community to achieve sustainable social economic development, self reliance and education for sustainability.

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