SHUJAA WETU AWARD is a project by NCCBO that aims to award heroes and heroines in different sectors of the economy

NCCBO is a registered non-government, non-profit, non-political organization with a membership of 38,450 grassroots organizations.




We are calling on all registered Community based organizations to submit an innovative project idea that will contribute to positive change in the maternal and new-born health (MNH) sector; delivering impact and increased access to and/or utilisation of quality services.
The innovations should demonstrate readiness for rapid implementation and be able to deliver results within twenty-one months.
Innovations augmenting existing Maternal and New born Health interventions,targeting adolescent girls and youth are strongly encouraged.
Tell a friend to tell a friend.
Submit your proposals to:

Closing date 10th November!!!.

community work
community work
community work
community work
community work
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